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Supermarket Shopping

Supermarkets giving priority to the vulnerable, elderly and NHS workers, with restrictions in-store and online:

Supermarket Max no of same item you can buy (in-store and online) Priority shopping for elderly/ vulnerable/ NHS workers Still accepting online orders? Changes to store opening times
Asda 3 on selected handwashing & baby milk products NHS workers get priority in larger stores 8am-9am Mon, Wed & Fri Yes, but only showing slots 7 days ahead Reduced to 8am-8pm
Check your local store
Aldi 2 on UHT milk,
4 on handwash, shower gel

NHS, police & fire service workers get early access 30 mins before stores open on Sundays & priority ahead of queues into stores at all times. The elderly/vulnerable get early access 30 mins before stores open on Mon-Sat - for browsing only in Eng & Wales

Does not do home delivery Reduced to 8am-8pm. On Sun it's 10am-4pm (9am-6pm in Scot).
Check your local store
Co-op 2 on selected items in-store Vulnerable customers, their carers & NHS workers get priority 8am-9am Mon-Sat, 10am-11am Sun in all stores Yes, but 20-item limit per shop Most reduced to 7am-8pm (24hr stores with petrol stations close 11pm).
Check your local store
Iceland 2 on most products, 1 on some (eg, soap, pasta & toilet roll) Elderly & vulnerable get priority in first hour of trading, NHS staff in last hour, Mon-Sat   Only for elderly & vulnerable customers, or those self-isolating Reduced across check your branch for details
Lidl Limits have now been lifted, except on toilet roll  No special measures Does not do home delivery Changes to some stores – check your branch for details
M&S 2 on selected items First hour of opening on Mon & Thu dedicated to vulnerable & older customers. On Tue & Fri this is dedicated to NHS, emergency, health & social care workers. 'Food boxes' for vulnerable customers who can't get to stores Doesn't do home delivery Changes to some stores – check your branch for details

2 on some items (eg, toilet roll, hand sanitiser & rice)

NHS workers only can shop 7am-8am Mon-Sat & 9-9.30am Sun. 'Food boxes' for vulnerable customers who can't get to stores Yes but expect queues online Reduced to 8am-8pm Mon-Sat. Sun opening times unchanged. Check your local store

(online only)

Essential items limited to 1-2 per order N/A – online-only Virtual queue and unable to place order when we checked & no available delivery slots for 48 hrs  N/A – online-only
Sainsbury's Limit lifted on "thousands of products", still 3 on some, 2 on in-demand products (soap, UHT milk & tinned & frozen food) 8am-9am Mon, Wed & Fri dedicated to elderly, vulnerable & carers. 7.30am-8am Mon-Sat dedicated to NHS & social care workers Yes, but priority access to very vulnerable customers as identified by government database. Register at All stores open 8am-8pm Mon-Sat (from 7.30am for NHS & social care workers only). Sun hours unchanged. Check your local store
Tesco 2 on toilet roll/paracetamol, 3 on all other products. Multi-buy offers suspended At all stores excl Express, 9am-10am Mon, Wed & Fri is dedicated to the elderly & vulnerable. 9am-10am Tue & Thu is for NHS workers (plus 1hr browsing before checkouts open on Sun) Yes, but capped at 80 items. Super Saver delivery subscribers will be refunded half of March fees, and have all future payments frozen Large 24hr stores closed 10pm-6am, though some with pharmacies will stay open later. Check your local store
Waitrose 2 on some items incl toilet roll, 3 on others. Some items such as soap "capped" First hour of opening across all stores for elderly & vulnerable & their carers. Priority checkout service & essentials kept aside for NHS staff Yes, but priority to very vulnerable customers as identified by Govt database. Register at
Cut-off time for order changes brought forward to noon on day before delivery
Some stores may close earlier than usual – check with your local store


Low life scammers are taking advantage of coronavirus to try to defraud people, especially the elderly and vulnerable.

Shockingly, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has already identified over 100 reports of fraud relating to coronavirus since February, with victims' losses totalling almost £1 million. The majority are online shopping scams where victims have tried to buy products such as protective face masks and hand sanitiser from fraudsters.  There have also been over 200 reports of coronavirus-themed phishing emails designed to trick people into opening malicious attachments or revealing sensitive information.

A common tactic used by scammers is to send messages purporting to be from research groups linked with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, or the World Health Organisation. Some claim to be able to provide a list of people infected with Covid-19, which links to a malicious website or asks the victim to make a payment in Bitcoin.

Other common phishing emails include sending articles about the coronavirus outbreak with links to fake company websites, or sending details of investment schemes which encourage people to take advantage of the coronavirus downturn. 
Action Fraud says you can protect yourself by:

  • Being vigilant for scam messages. This includes not clicking on any links or attachments if you receive a suspicious message, and not responding to any unsolicited messages or calls that ask for personal or financial details.
  • Taking care when shopping online. You should always do your research if you’re buying from a company or person you don’t know and trust, possibly asking a friend or family member for advice first. If you do go ahead with an online purchase, you should use a credit card if possible for extra protection. 
  • Protecting your devices from threats. This includes always installing the latest software and app updates to protect your devices from new threats. 

Page posted: 30th March 2020

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